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November 27, 2013 | Updates | Posted by Craig Baldwin Craig Baldwin

Startup Thanksgiving

Somehow the epic faces of retail and corporate America have decided to allow Christmas (or Holiday) music before Thanksgiving this year. Display cases went straight from pumpkins to snow covered pines. Little kids have been sitting on Santa’s lap at the local mall for weeks. Thanksgiving has been tossed aside as the ugly, non-revenue generating step sister of the holiday season. So our team wanted to stand up and give thanks for the last year. Even though most days feel like we’re in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, things aren’t that bad after all.


We give thanks for…


Being alive. Our business that is. At the end of the day, every day we show up to work means the mission lives. And every day the mission lives we stand a chance of accomplishing our dream of building a great product for the masses to use. We give thanks for having that opportunity.


Working with talented people. Startups cannot afford weak players. Teams are so small that any one player needs to be a specialist and generalist all in one. If anyone team member doesn’t pull his or her weight, our ship sinks quickly. For all those heated arguments and closed door meetings, we give thanks for happy hours.


Accelerators. Our team will always be biased, but if not for the accelerator we took part in, we’d never had made it this far. Whether you think they’re good or bad – for communities still fighting for the right to gain recognition for their entrepreneurs and products, great accelerators provide an important face in the battle. They’re the conduit for attention, time, and money. We give thanks for doing the dirty work others other choose not to.


Our Friends & Family.  To our  friends who put up with irrational conversations about conversion rates. Or to our startup friends when we tell them how screwed their economics are. To those who let us sleep on their couches, and to wives who don’t divorce us. We give thanks to those people, we promise this will all be worth it.


VCs. You sons of bitches. You flock from startup to startup like they’re the prettiest girl in HS. Yet without you so many of us would never get the chance to work on great ideas. Your money and mentorship make the difference in our ability to succeed. We give thanks for doing the deals many wouldn’t even consider.


What is your startup thankful for this year? #StartupThanksgiving

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