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August 14, 2014 | Updates | Posted by Craig Baldwin Craig Baldwin

Sqrl Releases Teams!

We’ve recently added new updates to Sqrl! You now have the ability to create teams, collaborate with your colleagues, and share custom branding with other members of your organization!
To lessen the learning curve, here is an overview of how to access and utilize the new teams feature!

To begin using teams you first must get running with the following steps in our “How to Use Sqrl” series:
1) Step 1: Upgrading Your Account

2) Step 2: Adding Members to Your Organization 


Once those steps are done, you can create you first team!
1)  From the Teams tab, click the green Create Team button on the right side of the screen.
How to create a Team-photo 1
2)  First, give your team a name! Then, you have two options when adding members to a team: add the Entire Organization or add Individual Users. If you select Entire Organization, all Sqrl accounts associated with your organization will be included on and have access to the team.
How to Create a Team-photo 2
3)  If you select the Individual Users option, clicking the Add Members field will prompt a drop-down menu of the members within your organization. Now, you have the option to select or type the name of eachmember you would like added to the team.
How to Create a Team-photo 3
4)  Once everyone is added to the team, select the green Save Team button located in the upper righthand corner. This team can now be accessed via the Teams tab located at the top of the Sqrl dashboard. This tab allows you to view the status of requests assigned to each individual team.
How to Create a Team-photo 4
5)  Clicking on a team allows you to open the Team Details page. This page provides more information such as team members, detailed request info and the current status of each request.
How to Create a Team-photo 5
Note: If you are the Team Admin (creator) or Organization Admin, there are additional options on the top right that allow you to delete the team or edit members within that team. (For more information on adding and deleting members, watch this instructional video on how to create a team).
Now you’ve created a team and are able to work seamlessly with other members of your organization!