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July 25, 2013 | Industry | Posted by Craig Baldwin Craig Baldwin

Why Now is the Time to Become an Accounting Professional

Indicated by a recently released AICPA report, hiring numbers for accounting grads is at an all-time high. Naturally this means every incoming freshman should be looking at accounting as his or her major of choice, right? Not necessarily, but let’s talk about 5 reasons why now is the right time to become an accountant.


1) The Industry is Experiencing Huge Change

Technology, and specifically the web 2.0 world is changing the way an accountant or CPA performs daily work. FinTech has long been due for change, and there appears to be no shortage of good ideas on the horizon. Today’s accountants do more than crunch numbers, they’re expected be IT professionals as well. Beginning with masters of excel to large database system knowledge, today’s accountant has much more opportunity than just “knowing accounting.” Which increases career opportunities into a wide range of fields moving forward.


2) You’re Hirable

As previously mentioned, hiring is at an all time high for the profession. While replacing some of the menial accounting work typically performed by unskilled laborers; there is still a huge gap of professional knowledge that won’t be gobbled up by technology any time soon. As long as people are making money in the world, someone will be necessary to count it. Okay maybe not count it, but at least help them file taxes and give advice on their finances!


3) Security Stays with You

For those of you brave enough to take the leap into public accounting, you’ll be thanking yourselves after the fact. Starting at the Big Four (KPMG, PWC, Deloitte & E&Y) and moving all the way down to small regional firms. Companies everywhere salivate over those resume line items, and if you think it will go away, it won’t. If you’ve received professional accreditation be sure to keep up with continuing ed. Having a CPA will forever increase your salary floor.


4) Killer Business Acumen

It’s amazing how many business owners in the world can’t tell you the simplest things about their financial performance. I know what you’re thinking, “But they’re busy running their business.” Perhaps, but let’s see if they still use that excuse once they run into serious cash flow problems because they didn’t have the foresight to look a few months ahead. CPAs and accountants make killer business people. Great salesmen? Not always. But if you want to be your own boss someday, an accounting degree is an awesome start.


5) Rare Problem Solving Skills

Due to the inherent nature of the profession, accounting requires a different approach to problems. Accountants and CPAs have to take large amounts of data and make quick and accurate assessments. A skill that few have, but is applicable in many areas in life. All accountants are masters of critical thinking, which is great brain training for the many challenges life and your career will present.

Need more convincing? Check out this awesome info graphic on accounting careers from UAB.

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