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July 9, 2014 | Updates | Posted by Craig Baldwin Craig Baldwin

June Update with Sqrl

The guys in the CPA Voice

Ryan Watson, Ryan Baker, & Craig Baldwin were featured in this month’s Ohio Society of CPA magazine, The CPA Voice. The article goes into the detail about Upsourced Accounting, one of the first cloud-based accounting firms in Ohio and the country. Questions about running a “cloud firm?” – check out the article in the link below!


Check out the full magazine here


June’s total number of Sqrls and reminders sent were…


June’s Sqrl requests were lower than May because like most of the working world, many Sqrls were on vacation.


One of our developers (Zack Brown) is the potato salad guy. Seriously, we can’t make this shit up.

At the time of this post, Zack has raised just over $70K for his potato salad. Back his project here:
Zack Brown:



Zack Brown Potato Salad King:



New features shipped in June:

1) We now support IE9

2) Customize the reminder schedule within Sqrl.

In order to change the reminder frequency, adjust the settings by clicking the bell at the “create request” screen.


And then adjust to your liking by setting reminders to occur every “x” days or…


Schedule reminders to occur once “x” days before or after the due date at your liking.

You can also eliminate reminders altogether (before, after, or both). See an example of no reminders to be sent before the due date below.


EY E.D.G.E Entrepreneur of the Year

Congrats to our CEO Ryan Watson for winning E&Y E.D.G.E CEO of the year for our region! Check him out with Choremonster CEO, Chris Bergman below!



New added 2 new team members in June!



Rob Gabbard – VP of Engineering

When asked to describe himself Rob said:

“Rob is a long time veteran of Silicon Valley and began developing software professionally before most of the team at Sqrl were born. When asked if he had any concerns working with a team whose existing members were much younger than himself, Rob’s first thought was ‘Every Frodo needs a Gandalf’ but instead he simply replied ‘No’.”



Jess Nolte – Lead UX/UI Design

Jess says:

“Jess Nolte became interested in design when she discovered Charley Harper, a Cincinnati-based artist, as a child. She then discovered LiveJournal, which is where she wrote her first HTML. Eventually, her love of art and technology collided, leading her to pursue a career in interface design with the goal of creating digital products to help people in their everyday lives.
At Sqrl, Jess is living her dream of creating a digital product that helps people in their everyday lives. On the side, she is living her dream of owning 3 cats, adirondack chairs and a KitchenAid Stand Mixer.”


That’s all for our updates with Sqrl, how was your June?