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November 10, 2013 | Industry Tech | Posted by Craig Baldwin Craig Baldwin

Accountant & Techie: Tweets from #Solutions13

Unfortunately our team wasn’t able to make it to Vegas this year for the Sleeter Group’s 2013 Accounting Solutions Conference. But thanks to the power of Twitter we stayed on top of all the action and wanted to deliver some of our favorite tweets from #Solutions13!



Xero’s CEO Rod Drury received much of the attention at the conference. If you’ve ever met him in person, it’s difficult to not enjoy his company let alone love his software. While simple, this quote is so true. And with the recent advances in accounting technology, CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers are able to serve more types of clients than ever before.



Okay, so this quote wasn’t actually coined by Sage’s CTO Himanshu Palsule. Yet it’s still as relevant as ever in the accounting industry. We talk to firms of all sizes everyday, and it’s clear they all feel an all encompassing wave coming for their practice. Cloud, service, succession, you name it. While there’s still time, the first movers will surely reap the largest benefit.



One undervalued topic  is recruiting for the changing face of accounting. College education centered around accounting comes no where close to accommodating for tech trends in our industry. While installing a router is one of the easier things you’ll ever have to do. Finding candidates who are willing to be solutions experts and not just accountants will be incredibly important when growing your firm into the future.



This tweet nails it. Accountants should longer be looked at as a necessary evil, but a foundational part of any up and coming small (or large) business. Aligning engagements early on is paramount to success over the course of a client relationship. Well said, Doug Sleeter!



If you’re not familiar with Greg Lam you should be. He writes some of the best and most comprehensive product reviews in the accounting and small business industries. Check him out at The Small Business Doer. Congrats, Greg!



The new QBO does have a very clean and sleek appearance. You have to give the Intuit team props for working incredibly hard to re-engineer a piece of software that is so entrenched in the accounting industry. Their mission ahead is perhaps the most difficult of any of the platforms in the marketplace.



This tweet may be our favorite. It re-iterates the message that’s been tossed around the accounting industry for the last several years. We’re now judged on our ability to provide great solutions and solve complex problems, not merely an afterthought. It’s a very exciting time for some of the best minds in the industry to showcase their skills.



Congrats to the Sleeter Group and winners on what appeared to be an awesome conference!


Next up? The Thomson Reuters User Conference where we’ll be watching comfortably from our computers in Ohio. Looking forward to this week’s #2013Synergy Tweets!

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