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December 12, 2013 | Client Service | Posted by Craig Baldwin Craig Baldwin

5 Cool Client Gift Ideas Under $40

Client service should always be top of mind, but especially during the holiday season. Doing the little things always seems to matter most, so we’ve come up with 5 cool gift ideas under $40 for your clients this holiday season.




1) Field Notes 

Always seem to be running out of paper when you’re on a phone call or in an important meeting? You’re not the only one. Check out Field Notes, the design aficionado’s dream pocket-sized note taker. Customize your own for clients or pickup the traditional edition pictured above. Write a personal message inside and let your clients know how much you care. (Field Notes – Packs of 3 start at $9.99)


2) Chromecast

When has an awesome piece of tech ever been so cheap? Okay, probably not the first time. But especially for clients who commonly give presentations, Chromecast is an amazing gift. Help them get rid of those awkward moments when trying to figure out the dongles from the HDMIs just before presentation time. With one click, showcase your computer on the closest TV with Chromecast. (Chromecast – $35)


3) Watershed Gin (or Bourbon)

Nothing says Happy Holidays like “Let’s have a drink.” Columbus’ own Watershed Distillery makes some of the best gin in the US. Not a fan? Try out their Barreled Aged Gin, or regular Bourbon. Both equally as delicious and easy gift ideas for any client. (Watershed Distillery – $29.99 & Bourbon $39.99)



4) Homage Tees

Buying clothes for others is always tough. But guess right on the size and deliver on a an awesome shirt for your client. If you know where they went to college, send them one of their alma mater from Homage’s large collection of college tees. Seriously, they’re the most comfortable t-shirts you’ll ever wear, not to mention they look pretty good. (Homage – Tees start at $28)


5) Coin

Show your clients you’re the coolest and buy them a Coin card. A recent YC grad, Coin combines all of your credit and debit cards into one. It’s been abuzz on the internet the last couple weeks with massive amounts of pre-sale orders. Although we cheated a bit on this one (it’s above $40), it’s one of the coolest ideas we’ve seen in a while. (Coin – $50)

We gave you our picks, what will you be giving to your clients this holiday season?